Teenager Blows Over R128K on FIFA Microtransactions

Totally worth it?

If you’re having a bad day, just take some comfort in knowing you’re not explaining to your father why you blew almost $8,000 on his credit card on FIFA 16 transactions.

This is exactly what happened with a 17-year-old Canadian teenager, who, in an attempt to bolster his FIFA Ultimate Team squad, dropped some serious moola via the real-money in-game purchase options.

Lance Perkins, the father, then received his credit card bill, with FIFA transactions accumulating to $7,625.88 (around R128,780).

“It floored me. Literally floored me, when I’d seen what I was being charged,” father Lance Perkins told CBC News.

“He thought it was a one-time fee for the game. He’s just as sick as I am, [because] he never believed he was being charged for every transaction, or every time he went onto the game.”

When Perkins questioned Microsoft, he was told that the bill will stand as purchases made using a parent’s payment account are legitimate transactions under the Microsoft Services Agreement.

He was also reminded that parents have the option to prevent unauthorised purchases via the console’s built-in parental controls, but that won’t be a problem, as Perkins has said “there will never be another Xbox system – or any gaming system – in my home.”

We just hope the youngster got the players he wanted.

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