‘Skate’ Spiritual Successor ‘Session’ Smashes its Kickstarter Goal

Session game

Grinding to victory!

Fans of skateboarding and video games will unanimously agree that Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and Skate 3 were the pinnacle of skating games, and while both those series haven’t delivered something in quite some time, you’ll be glad to know that another contender is warming-up to fill that void.

Session, which we previously wrote about, comes from French developers crea-ture Studios, and embraces the heart and soul of EA’s Skate franchise. This past week, the game’s Kickstarter page launched to some great attention, and it’s safe to say that it’s been a smashing success, breaking through its $62,400 goal within just 4 days.

“Thank you everyone one you’re all awesome! Thanks to all of you we’re funded and can #MakeSessionHappen!” the developer said in an update. “Now let’s keep this ball rolling and try to attack those stretch goals!”

The campaign is now sitting on $81,000, which means that if they hit their next milestone of $130,000, customisation options for your character and skateboard will be included. Further goals include online multiplayer at $360k, a park editor at $410k and a story mode should they reach $510,000.

While Session takes cues from the likes of Skate, it has it’s own identity. The developers explain that they don’t want players to worry about how much point their tricks are worth, but rather the goal of mastering tricks and the dynamic controls.

“Inspired by the golden era of skateboarding, the early 90s and early 2000, Session’s primary goal is to make you experience what skateboarding really is; an incredible sport where there are no other goals other than expressing your creativity and achieving success through hard work, perseverance and bits of madness for no one else other than yourself. ”

You can check out the Kickstarter page here and the latest dev video below:

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