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Rugby 18: Springboks, Wallabies Confirmed

South Africa will be playable in the upcoming Rugby 18!

Jeremy Proome



Rugby 18 is on the way, scheduled for an October release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and while we’ve known the game features a lot of Northern Hemisphere team licenses, it’s now been officially confirmed that the Springboks will feature in the game.

News of the South African licence was announced via the game’s Facebook page, which also revealed that Rugby 18 will feature the Wallabies too.

Springboks license announcement

With the announcement that the Springboks and Australia are licensed in the game, some speculate that Super Rugby may be licensed too. Of course, Big Ben Interactive and developers Eko Software haven’t confirmed whether the All Blacks are in the game. That announcement could follow shortly, but nothing is a guarantee.

We’re quite excited for Rugby 18, and Big Ben Interactive recently released a “making of” trailer, which gave some insight into the commentary and a few snippets of gameplay; along with a new video highlighting the career mode.

Rugby 18 will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in October.

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