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3 Big Game Reviews in 3 Minutes: Necromunda: Hired Gun, Scarlet Nexus, & Metro Exodus Next-Gen!

We review Scarlet Nexus, Necromunda: Hired Gun, and the next-gen upgrade for Metro Exodus.

Jeremy Proome



OK, we don’t want to lie from the outset. We’re not exactly sure if this article takes 3 minutes to read, but it’s somewhere in the ballpark. We’re writers, not mathematicians here!

Anyway, with all the massive games releasing this season, it’s quite difficult for gamers out there to keep track of what’s releasing when and what’s worth picking up (for one reason or another); so, in the spirit of being as thorough as possible, we’ve reviewed 3 of the biggest titles that have released within the last month in one convenient article, rounding up exactly what games have released, if they’re any good, and which one you should buy.

Metro Exodus – PS5/Xbox Series X edition

Available on: Xbox Series X|S | PS5 | PC

What is it? Anyone who played or is familiar with the first two Metro games (they’re great too, by the way) knows that the franchise has found a warm place with fans, giving a breathtakingly real and visceral first-person shooter take on Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky’s mutant-ravaged world which he presented in his Metro novels. The next-gen upgrade adds a whole host of technical improvements, such as ray-tracing, 60FPS and 4K support.

Is it any good? First released in 2019, Metro Exodus is already known as one of the best games around, and the added features elevate it from a category of ‘must-play’ to a ‘when are you going to play it!?’. Much like the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Russia, Metro Exodus is harsh, testing, and often downright brutal, but it’s this ‘learn-fast, play-smart’ approach that makes Metro Exodus a unique and differentiating experience to any other first-person shooters on the market. The spiffier, crisper visuals and silky-smooth framerate are abundantly noticeable and make the already-brilliant game an even better one.

Scarlet Nexus

Available on: Xbox Series X|S | PS5 | Xbox One | PS4 | PC

What is it? Scarlet Nexus is an action-RPG that revolves around individuals with psycho-kinetic abilities who have to save the world from deranged mutants that have descended from the sky.

Is it any good? While Scarlet Nexus picks and nabs from some of the best games out there, such as Devil May Cry and other hack-‘n-slash action titles, it really does create a unique identity for itself. The colourful art style is gorgeous to look at and the psychic abilities (allowing you to throw objects from the environment and use them as weapons) really does mix up the gameplay loop excellently. The story is somewhat difficult to follow, but the action really is where Scarlet Nexus shines, and if you’re a fan of the genre, Scarlet Nexus is one of those games that deserves your attention.

Necromunda: Hired Gun

Available on: Xbox Series X|S | PS5 | Xbox One | PS4 | PC

What is it? Set in the Warhammer 40K universe, Necromunda: Hired Gun is a first-person shooter that pits you as a mercenary who’s been hired to scour the Necromunda for some high-value targets, comprising of outlaws, mutants, and whatever else you’re paid to take out. There are a bunch of weapons (all of which are upgradable) along with a wall-run ability and grappling hook to get players around the massive, industrial environments of the Underhive.

Is it any good? Necromunda: Hired Gun will appeal to Doom fans thanks to its fast-paced FPS gunplay and level design (it even has up-close melee kills). It’s frantic, fun, and chugs along at an exhilarating pace, leaving your palms sweaty from one battle area to the next. It doesn’t try and reinvent the wheel and you’ll see most of what the game has to offer within the first few hours. But if you’re one for quick, explosive action and love the cyberpunk hellscape of the Warhammer universe, there’s a lot to enjoy with Necromunda.

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