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3 Game Reviews in 3 Minutes: Farming Simulator 22, Ghostrunner & Demon Slayer

We review Farming Simulator 22, Ghostrunner and Demon Slayer!

Jeremy Proome



OK, we don’t want to lie from the outset. We’re not exactly sure if this article takes 3 minutes to read, but it’s somewhere in the ballpark. We’re writers, not mathematicians here!

Anyway, with all the massive games releasing this season, it’s quite difficult for gamers out there to keep track of what’s releasing when and what’s worth picking up (for one reason or another); so, in the spirit of being as thorough as possible, we’ve reviewed 3 of the biggest titles that have released within the last month in one convenient article, rounding up exactly what games have released, if they’re any good, and which one you should buy.


Available on: Xbox Series X/S | Xbox One | PS5 | PS4 | PC

What is it? If Mirror’s Edge and Shadow Warrior had a baby, it would be Ghostrunner. Set in a dark, dystopian world, Ghostrunner is all about fast, acrobatic first-person combat using a monomolecular katana (it’s a thing) to slice enemies apart, dodge bullets with superhuman reflexes, and work your way across the dangerous landscape in order to survive.

Is it any good? Ghostrunner is as much a brutal, unforgiving, cyberpunk platformer as it is a first-person hack-‘n-slash game. It’s incredibly gorgeous, very easy to pick (yet difficult to master), and makes you feel like a cyborg ninja, so it ticks those boxes. The levels and environments are incredibly interesting to slink your way through and taking on enemies who kill you in one shot make the ballet of bullets and slashing that much tenser. It’s unrelentingly fun right until the credits roll, and while the game isn’t the longest, its short, frenetic burst of a runtime suits its full-throttle tone. There’s nothing quite like Ghostrunner, allowing you to dash, wall-run, air-evade, and slash an enemy’s head off within 2 seconds, and if that sounds like your type of fun, then Ghostrunner does not disappoint. It’s also cheaper than most other games out there, making this a gem to play.

Farming Simulator 22

Available on: Xbox Series X/S | Xbox One | PS5 | PS4 | PC

What is it? The Farming Simulator series throws you into the mud-splattered boots of a livestock and crop farmer, and the series has reached cult-classic status thanks to its therapeutic gameplay loop and enjoyable mechanics. Farming Simulator 22 brings some new licensed vehicles, maps, tools, and vehicles to master.

Is it any good? Your enjoyment of any Farming Simulator game will come down to how much you need it, and it’s safe to say, many people these days need something a little more relaxing to sink some time into. Building on the already-solid foundation of its predecessor, FS 22 brings some new equipment brands, adding a bit of visual diversity to your farm, along with the ability to buy used vehicles, which is a nice touch and helps you save some money on your quest for farming nirvana.

Another new addition is the implementation of changing seasons, so having to adapt your vehicles and strategies for snow, gravel, and or thicker vegetation is an enjoyable curveball. FS 22 has also added the next logical step in their franchise with a production element, allowing you to convert your crops into flour (for example), and actually deliver it to bakeries in town. This is one of the most interesting new elements, as it actually makes you feel like you’re completing the process and role, rather than just a disembodied part of it.

Farming Simulator 22 isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who love simulation games, this is one of the most comprehensive and meaty options you’ll find. The developers have finally delivered an experience that’s not just a farming equipment simulator, but actually a virtual look at the day-to-day life of a small-town farmer, and we’re all for it!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles

Available on: Xbox Series X/S | Xbox One | PS5 | PS4 | PC

What is it? Based on the anime of the same name, Demon Slayer is an arena fighter from the team at CyberConnect2 that lets players relive the memorable moments of the show, following a character named Tanjiro as he faces demons in order to turn his sister Nezuko, who has become a demon, back into a human.

Is it any good? The 3D fighting genre hasn’t seen too many entries in recent times, but Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles (in addition to being a mouthful) manages to bring something new to the table. Firstly, the game is gorgeous and brings a beautiful hand-drawn inspired art style that is vivid and eye-catching. The combat itself is fast and frantic, with dramatic super moves and over-the-top theatrics, but has enough depth in its evasion and counter-attacking mechanics to give those with excellent timing an edge over their opponents.

Realistically, the story will be somewhat bizarre for newcomers to attempt to grasp, and the solo mode does end up feeling like you’re just going from one fight to the next (lacking that narrative and cinematic drive something like Mortal Kombat 11 delivers), however, there is a bit for exploration and dialogue in between bouts, which is a nice though. It is a fun release that could fill the void of quality 3D fighting titles, but it is a try before you buy, but may just scratch the itch of genre and anime fanatics.

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