Returnal: Where’s the Cheapest Price in SA?

Where should you grab your copy of Returnal from?

Returnal is one of the lesser-talked-about but most interesting games hitting the Playstation 5 this year; and if you’re looking to pick up the new sci-fi shooter, we’ve rounded up the best prices for your shopping convenience.

Part third-person shooter, part bullet-hell, Returnal is a sci-fi adventure which stars Selene, a space pilot, equipped with a suit and armed with high-tech weapons and who is stranded on the alien planet Atropos — in a time loop. After every death, Selene is resurrected, following a pattern of traversing across foreign environments and combating extraterrestrial entities with growing visions in an ever changing world.

Where can you buy Returnal from?

Both BT Games and Koodoo offer the best price for Returnal, with the game retailing for R1,199 from either outlet. Of course, take into account delivery costs for your respective city when making your decision.

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