How Many South Africans Have Bought A Playstation 4?

PS4 console

PS4 and PS3 sales numbers have been revealed through a new interview with SKE CEO Mario Dos Santos.

The install-base of Playstations in South Africa is often a queried topic, but it has now been revealed that over 300,000 Playstation 3s have been sold in the country, while SA gamers have picked up 40,000 PS4 consoles since launch.

In an interview with MyGaming, Ster-Kinekor Entertainment CEO Mario Dos Santos explained that while they have sales numbers, it’s difficult to quantify how many existing PS3 gamers upgraded to the PS4.  “It’s a little difficult to gauge [the PS3 install base] because we don’t know how many guys have migrated to the next-gen,” Dos Santos said.

“In truth at launch it was challenging because we didn’t have supply, so we’ll probably get a fair measure once we’ve been through this festive [season].

The PS4’s current sales trend sees it at a 40% higher uptake than that of the PS3 at the same stage of its life-cycle, but Dos Santos says that it doesn’t necessarily mean that growth in the local gaming market is that drastic.

“In terms of the consumer base itself, I’m not sure that that’s growing [at a fast rate],” he said.

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