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Gory Monster-Shooter ‘Evil West’ Gets its Release Date

Here’s when you’ll be getting your hands on the next game from Flying Wild Hog.




Shadow Warrior 3 developer Flying Wild Hog’s next game is Evil West, a third-person shooter where you take control of a monster hunter in a cyber-punk Wild West setting, and the publisher has finally announced the release date, with Evil West now officially launching on 20 September for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Much like the Shadow Warrior series, the game features brutal and visceral combat using an array of firearms, a lightning-fueled gauntlet and some death-dealing gadgets. Evil West includes a narrative-driven campaign with co-op play also on the cards, and upon its reveal caught our eye and was included in our list of 10 Under-the-Radar Games to Keep an Eye On.

In addition to the news of the release date, the publisher also dropped a brand-new trailer showing some fresh gameplay, along with some new screenshots.

Evil West screenshots

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