Gaming On a Budget: 5 PS4 Games Under R200 You Need to Play

Need a gaming experience for the weekend that won’t break the bank?

Gaming can be an expensive hobby these days, but MenStuff is here to help you find some digital adventures that deliver a bang without being too hefty on your wallet. And thanks to the Easter Sale on the Playstation Store, there are a ton of games to enjoy during this lockdown period; we’ve highlighted 5 of the best under R200:

The Division 2

Price: R159* (Playstation Store)

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With many games in the loot-shooter genre, it’s always a concern whether there’ll be enough content to keep you coming back for more. Thankfully, with The Division 2, there’s not only a really enjoyable single-player campaign, but the title is packed with nooks and crannies (both online and offline) that’ll have gamers entertained for months – let alone considering the post-launch content that’s yet to come.

Bioshock: The Collection

Price: R159* (Playstation Store)

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What’s better than one game for less than R200? Well, three. Including the first Bioshock, Bishock 2, and the shamefully-underappreciated Bioshock: Infinite, the collection delivers three moody, supernatural first-person shooters that an intertwined story of the Bioshock universe. If you’ve somehow missed these games over the years, here’s your perfect chance to dive into the weird and shocking world of Bioshock.

Mafia 3

Price: R159* (Playstation Store)

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Mafia III is one of the unsung heroes of 2016 – being an incredible action experience, but one which released alongside some much “bigger” games (*cough* Battlefield 1 *cough*). Mafia III tells the story of Lincoln Clay, who has just returned from the Vietnam War. He’s taken in by the ‘Black Mob’, but just as he starts to believe he’s found somewhere he can belong, the Italian Mob wipes them out. Cue the revenge tale full of car chases, shady dealings, and bloody gunfights. The game is absolutely spectacular in motion and the 1968 New Orleans cityscape is a refreshing setting for the chaos that you can unleash in Mafia 3.


Price: R129* (Playstation Store)

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If you have had your eye on Doom and the recently-released sequel, Doom: Eternal, now is the time to jump into id Software’s brilliant reinvigoration from 2016. Instead of relying on set-pieces and genre-bending gameplay mechanics, Doom places its pride in its fun, frantic gameplay and a badass attitude, which is sometimes just what we really want as gamers. Doom brings the feeling of classic first-person shooters into 2016 without sacrificing what made the series great in the first place.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Price: R89* (Playstation Store)

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We can’t recommend the under-appreciated open-world crime game, Sleeping Dogs, enough, and the fact that the remastered version is going for less than R100 makes it a no-brainer. The game’s story follows Wei Shen, an undercover Chinese-American police officer on assignment to infiltrate the Sun On Yee Triad organisation. Much like a faster, kung-fu injected Grand Theft Auto, gameplay centres on Shen’s fighting, shooting and parkour abilities, and on gadgets that can be used for combat and exploration.

*All prices are correct at time of publication.

Will you be picking up any of the above games? Any sub-R200 recommendations that you have? Let us know by tweeting @MenStuffZA, posting on our Facebook page, or commenting below.

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