Gamer Has Epic Meltdown As Collection Is Destroyed By Dad [Video]

Father Son video games lawnmower

One particular father may have resorted to the only way to get his son to get off his gaming console and looking for work in the job market.

Trying to get your lazy child up and proactively looking for a job is tough, but one particular father has managed to work out exactly how to light a fire under his son.

A video appears on social media of a dad threatening to destroy his son’s video game collection with a ride-on lawnmower – what follows is an epic standoff that inevitably results in a lot of plastic, broken discs and tears.

This video could be considered “fake”, but the reactions and entire set-up seems pretty legit.

Check it out below:

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Joe Mama
Joe Mama
6 years ago

I’ve seen lots of comments about this being staged. Anyone have any info on it being real or not?

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