Flappy Bird being resurrected with multiplayer

A revamped and “less addictive” version of Flappy Bird is on the way.

Flappy Bird will be making a return after controversially being pulled off the store by creator Dong Nguyen.

Nguyen took the phenomenally popular side-scrolling mobile game down in February because he said it was too addictive and was the ultimate time-waster.

In an interview with CNBC, Nguyen says he’s working on a new, less addictive version of the game that will also introduce multiplayer to the game. Yeah, that’ll definitely make it “less addictive”.

Flappy Bird was downloaded 50 million times before Nguyen took it down, and was said to be bringing in about $50,000 per day for Nguyen. After its removal, phones with the game installed were selling for ridiculous prices.

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