Why You Should Consider Buying a Second-Hand Phone


There are some very good reasons to pick up a second hand phone.

Buying a second-hand phone can often feel like getting a hand-me-down, but there are some important benefits to grabbing a pre-owned device.

1. Price

Second hand phones for sale can offer a host of pros, but most notably is the price-point you’ll find most at. These days, smartphones can range into the tens of thousands of Rands, so looking at the pre-owned market gives you access to far more affordable devices, even mid-range or top-tier second hand phones under R1,000.

2. The Environment

Second hand phones are not only favourable to your pocket, but they help the environment too. Buying a second hand or refurbished device prevents it from becoming dated and ending up in a landfill. Disposing of ‘older’ devices is wasteful (and potentially harmful) to the environment. By buying a used cell phone, you are keeping it circulation and away from batteries and other components being thrown into landfills.

3. Helping Others

If someone is selling their used smartphone, they probably need the money. Purchasing and assisting the second hand electronics market is an important part of keeping that tech in circulation, while also helping stimulate the economy by putting cash in someone else’s hand. And when you’re ready to sell your used cell phone, you’ll certainly appreciate the buyers out there for you.

4. Shop online

Even with the second-hand market, you can still shop online and save yourself the hassle of heading to the stores. You can shop from a ton of refurbished and second-hand phones through PriceCheck. You’ll find a wide variety of phones, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, and Huawei products. If you want to save a significant amount of money on a phone that will do everything you need it to, a used cell phone can be a great option.

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1 year ago

I just wanting know why my phn is no network I did everything to let it work but in SIM is working in other phones.its a network blocked and it’s not blacklisted.wht went wrong ..can someone tell me pls?

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