What are the Biggest Trends in the Custom Software Space?


We take a look at the 2019’s software trends!

Software development is a behemoth of a industry, and is only going to get more critical as time goes by and more processes go digital. Custom software for anyone from an enthusiast or hobbyist to a small business is the new norm, but what are some of the prevailing trends? We’re going to take a look at a few!

Open Source Popularity

Open source software, programs, or content are generally free and accessible to the public without restriction. Now, generally free content is seen as being of a lower quality than what gets paid for, but that isn’t always the case when it comes to the software and programming industry. The general consensus is moving in a direction that recognises that giving something away for free is a great way to get initial exposure for your brand or product in a digital space, and often providing some open source content of very good quality can result in gaining long-term customers.

Emergence of Google Go

Google Go is essentially a lighter and more data-economic search engine app – which was primarily developed because Google got feedback that many of their users needed something less cumbersome. The primary benefit it provides is that it saves a lot of data, which makes it a great asset in any country where data availability and cost are quite high. For any business that’s interested in operating a digital platform in a developing economy, looking into Google Go is a good idea.

Complete Globalisation of Software Development

For very obvious reasons, software development can mostly be done completely remotely. Meaning, the client and customer don’t ever necessarily need to be in the same room together, or even in the same country. As more countries establish competitive software development companies and internal industries, more options become available to the global market, and ultimately the only differentiating factors of real importance will be quality and price. 

Replacing Old Information Systems

Some companies or individuals correctly jumped on the internet and digital platform wave a decade or more ago. Unfortunately, a lot has changed and improved in the subsequent years, but many sites or even internal information systems have remained largely unchanged. This can create security risks on one hand, but also suboptimal performance of those sites or systems that end up costing a business money at the end of the day. Revamping older IT systems and websites will become a huge necessity for established companies to stay digitally-relevant going forward.


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