This Epic Rechargeable Generator Could Solve Your Load-Shedding Woes

Anker Powerhouse 200

Beat loadshedding with the Anker Powerhouse 200.

An unfortunate reality of living in South Africa right now is that we’re playing musical chairs with our electricity provision, so every now and then, a segment of the population is finding itself enjoying candlelit dinners and Wi-Fi-less evenings.

Naturally, generators and any tech that can let there be light again have seen a significant uptick in popularity, and the Anker Powerhouse 200 is a viable option for those that need to make sure they can keep the power running for a bit, even when load-shedding strikes.

The original Powerhouse was a much larger, more expensive device, but the 200 has dialled back cost and size (and obviously capacity) in favour of a more affordable and practical package.

It offers a 57,600mAh charge that’ll be a best friend to devices that run on batteries and have to be topped-up rather frequently. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or phone, it’ll be able to keep them all sufficiently juiced to let you wile away your load-shedding session. It can even keep smaller appliances like mini-fridges going for up to four hours.

It has a USB-C and wall-plug as its own charging methods, and it’s even compatible with the company’s PowerPort Solar charger so you can recharge it with our more than sufficient sun exposure.

The Anker Powerhouse 200 is priced at $299 (around R4,340). Check it out here to get some more info!

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2 years ago

Yeah it would help if there were actually available in SA…

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