These Awesome Refurbished Electronics Will Save You a Ton of Money

Powerbeats Pro headphones

We’ve find a goldmine in the form of Best Buy’s ‘Open-Box’ section! Here’s how to capitalise on the specials from SA!

Super-affordable online shopping is currently a serious trend, mainly kicked off by bargain online retailer ‘Wish’ and now quickly being replicated by other online retailers to fulfil a similar function. And, US mega-store Best Buy is getting in on the action as well (don’t worry, there is a way to get these goods to SA).

Much like some of the local retailers, Best Buy has an ‘open-box’ deal section, which is dedicated to items that have been used as demo units, the boxes have been opened, or the products have been refurbished – and have all been quality checked and feature their original guarantees. What this means is that you get brand-new, top quality tech for great discounted prices – not to mention some tech products you won’t even have access to in SA!

Here are some examples of the great deals on offer:

And yes, you can get the products to SA!

Unfortunately shipping can be a bit of a drag when it comes to buying outside of South Africa, but the team at Postbox Courier can luckily take the headache out of the shipping process for you. Whether you’re ordering from Hong Kong, the USA, or the UK (or even all of them at the same time), Postbox Courier can arrange shipping from any online vendor that ships in those regions but not to SA, and get you your package without any headache.

What’s even better, is that it’s FREE to sign-up. And they’ve even got a handy calculator on their homepage to let you estimate what your shipping costs will be.

So if you want to give Amazon’s Overstock section a try, or you’ve been eyeing something else from an online store overseas, check out Postbox Courier for your shipping needs!


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