The Tech Industry’s Hidden Problem Could Hurt Your Business in 2019

Crime scene computer cyber security

What the tech Industry lacks most could hurt unaware businesses.

Digitisation is a rampant process that shows no signs of slowing down. If something exists in the physical world you can almost guarantee some kind of digital proxy either already exists, or will soon.

Cutting edge tech is just one area where digital products are developing at breakneck speed – but even in more pedestrian areas like web development and online shop fronts are growing at a rapid pace. Most businesses focused on revenue growth are exploring how to leverage a digital presence to achieve that outcome.

A slight problem, though, is that as companies move into the digital realm they’re exposing themselves to cyber attacks and will have to pay close attention to their cyber-security needs.

Whether a business is storing data or handling money, there are substantial risks related to digital platforms. One of the major contributors to this conundrum is that there simply aren’t enough cyber security specialists worldwide. A recent ISC (Internet Systems Consortium) study determined that the total shortfall was as high as 3 million cyber-security professionals that were needed, but the positions weren’t being filled.

Cyber security as a vocation has only been growing recently, so the lack of specialists is somewhat understandable. To make up for the shortfall companies are increasingly depending on AI and machine learning to take care of their security needs, but they’re just not as effective as a having a human eye that can assess potential gaps in security better.

Any company that’s concerned about their online security should get in touch with specialists that can advise them on the right steps to take to safeguard themselves. Fortunately, My Online Presence can help with every aspect of creating and maintaining a digital presence, as well as provide assistance in keeping security in tip-top shape.

So whether you’re an existing company that needs to sharpen its online footprint, or you’re thinking of venturing into the digital space, get in touch with the team at My Online Presence to make sure your security needs are covered!

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