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The Spectra is the Portable & Smart Electric Skateboard We All Need in Our Lives

Foot-controlled eBoards have arrived!




Electric skateboards are the new bicycles, and commuters all over the world are looking to the clever gadgets as viable transport options; but as the needs evolve, so do the boards.

The newest invention comes from Walnutt, a tech firm in the US that has built the Spectra, a smart and portable eBoard that allows you to ride hands-free thanks to an innovative pressure system controlled by your feet.

Known as 3D Step, the technology is the world’s first foray into a posture controlled system on an electric skateboard. Instead of using a Bluetooth hand remote (like other electric skateboards), riders access pressure and gryo sensors by leaning forwards to go or backwards to brake, and the Spectra also uses 2 hub motors to turn when the rider leans to either side. A “powerup” mode is also available to handle inclines of 27 degrees.

Spectra Electric skateboard

In addition, the Spectra Pro (the premium version of the board) has the world’s smallest electromagnetic ABS dual braking module, known as the MagBrake. It provides a strong and instant braking force when it’s needed, so if you jump or fall of the board, it’ll stop immediately.

It also features LED lighting to stand out on the road, a companion app, and a self diagnostic battery which is said to last for 90 minutes and can cover over 19 kilometres.

There are 4 Spectra models available – the Mini (around R3,907), Advanced (around R7,045), the Pro (around R10,965), and the Silver (around R15,670), which you can check out on the Walnutt Store, and backing on their Indigogo campaign.Spectra boards

Spectra Pro has a delivery date of August 2017.

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