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Samsung’s Massive Wall-Sized TVs are Coming Sooner Than You Think

Samsung’s recent press conference delved into the details of the company’s upcoming micro LED screens which push the limit on TV sizes.

Jeremy Proome



Samsung The Wall

If you’re one for the whole ‘bigger is better’ mantra, you’ll be glad to know that Samsung’s eye-stretching 146-inch micro LED TV, dubbed ‘The Wall’, will be available to the market sooner than you think.

Originally appearing back in January during CES 2018, the large-scale, modular TV set-up caught the eye of the media and attendees due to its size and clarity, and the South Korean tech giant has now announced that a consumer-ready version is on the verge of production; but this won’t be any normal mass-produced TV range.

Users will have to order their particular TV specifically, with the option to tailor the size to your liking; along with the shape, given that the display can be in any orientation thanks to Samsung using a modular process whereby micro LED screens are ‘switched’ together. So your wish is their command, essentially.

Better yet, Samsung promises that the household version of The Wall will be 30mm thin as opposed to the current commercial model’s depth of 80mm.

Samsung was tight-lipped on when the new TV technology will be available for consumers, but given their enthusiasm regarding the products, we can’t imagine it’ll be too long.

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