Recharge Your Gadgets On the Go with this Solar Charging Panel

Energy flyer on a backpack

When conventional electricity isn’t an option, enjoy energy freedom powered by the sun!

There are few things worse than running out of battery power, whether for your phone, your laptop or any other device. Power banks are clever but they’re bulky and heavy and they require plenty of charging. Which is why Italian company, Solbian have developed the Solbian Energy Flyer, a completely portable, lightweight and flexible USB charging solar panel, and it’s now available in South Africa!

At a teeny tiny 200 grams, this solar panel is about as big as an A4 page and is light enough and small to be carried in a backpack or on a bike or boat. The energy SunPower cells are highly efficient and flexible, delivering more than 12W. As soon as the panels are exposed to enough sunlight, the charger will start powering and the LED indicator glows green. Once it goes red, the charger is ready to be connected to any USB device for charging.

Use this nifty gadget while camping, at a music festival, or on a road trip and power your phone, tablet, GPS, camera torch and, even a small USB coffee machine – the options are endless! Sustainable, clean green energy in your pocket whenever you need it? What’s not to love? The Solbian Energy Flyer is available through Charging Systems Solutions at around R2,380.

For more information visit the Charging Systems Africa website.

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