Razer Kraken Pro Headphones – Are They Any Good?

Razer’s eye-catching headphones definitely tick the visual-stimulus boxes, but do they deliver in practice?

Headphones are the new sunglasses, and everybody and their dog wants the latest and brightest pair. While most look towards the bigger-name brands, gamers should set their eyes on Razer’s offerings, most notably the Kraken Pro headphones.

Besides the lumo-green colour which would make Kermit the frog envious, the second thing you’ll notice about headphones is that they’re large, which is a good thing. The ear cups are massive and completely accommodate one’s ears, providing a comfortable fit.

The set does feature a built-in microphone, but that said, the Kraken headphones won’t deliver every bell and whistle you’d expect in the price range (such as in-line controls or a wireless option), but the sound quality you do receive is fantastic, which delivers clear treble and bass, without it becoming one convoluted sonic mess.Razer Kraken headphones 1

This is a completely analog, direct headset, which makes setup a breeze. The 4.3-foot cable ends in a 3.5mm audio connector that lets the headset work with your smartphone or tablet, and a 6.6-foot PC adapter extends the cable to 10 feet and terminates in two 3.5mm connectors for the headphone and microphone ports on any computer. It doesn’t support surround sound and it doesn’t need a USB port to set up. Just plug it in and you’re good to go.

The headset doesn’t have any volume controls, any adjustments to the headphones or microphone have to be made through the connected device. This is a slightly less convenient setup than more advanced headsets on the market, which have controls for adjusting volume and equalization either on the earcups or on an in-line remote that sits on your desk.Razer Kraken headphones 2

That said, sometimes simplicity just works. Gaming headsets with bells and whistles like surround sound, USB audio processors, and wireless functionality are great, but when you get down to it, the most important thing is to be able to plug in a headset and be able to hear and be heard. The Kraken is a nice headset that will give you quality and convenience without breaking the bank.

Available on RazerZone.com

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6 years ago

How do they compare to the Senhheisers you reviewed a while back?

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