Project Morpheus VR headset revealed for PS4

Sony unveils new VR headset for PS4.

Sony has bolstered its PS4 accessories and potential with the unveiling of its new gaming-centric VR headset – Project Morpheus.

President of SCE Worldwide Studios, Shu Yoshida, showed off the new headset at GDC 2014 and said that he believes the new device will shape the future of games.

The current prototype for Project Morpheus features a head mounted display with 1080p resolution and a 90 degree field of view. Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors built into the head mounted unit as well as PlayStation Camera accurately tracks head orientation and movement, so as your head rotates, the image of the virtual world rotates intuitively in real-time.

Project Morpheus also features our new 3D audio technology that re-creates stereoscopic sounds in all directions and changes in real-time depending on your head orientation. In addition to PlayStation Camera, Project Morpheus works with DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller and PlayStation Move to deliver an easy-to-use, plug-and-play VR experience.

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