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ParkFind App Solves Parking Headache in the Mother City

The game-changer for the CT parking conundrum is here!




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Living in any major city across the globe has massive benefits; you’re at the heart of all the activity, and all your important destinations are usually closer to you than they might be if you were in the suburbs. Unfortunately, the urban centres all share some common drawbacks too, and none is a bigger headache than the daily puzzle of finding parking. Cape Town, in particular, parking space is at an absolute premier all over the city, but the folks that have launched the ParkFind app are doing an amazing job of helping you stay on the go without having to deal with the headache of searching for parking all the time.

As with most city centres, Cape Town requires parking tariffs, and the ParkFind app combines the payment of your parking slips with a great integration of parking-availability monitoring technology, in order to keep you updated on where in the CBD you’ll be able to park, using a three-colour system: Red means little to no chance of parking, Orange means a medium chance of finding a spot, while Green means there’s a good chance you’ll find a place. The app also features notifications of realtime availability of parking spaces, so you’ll know if there’s a spot outside your favourite coffee shop or not.

You simply download the app on either iOS or Android, register your license plate number, and you can use a credit or debit card to pay for your daily parking in the app – simple! The search and navigation functionalities can even plot a route to the selected area you’re heading to and indicate where you’re likely to find parking so you can get as close as possible to where you need to be.

Everyday admin and CBD appointments can be frantic and rushed, which makes helpful assistance from apps like ParkFind quick and easy ways to streamline your commuting.

Check them out at if you need any more information and to download the app!

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