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Logitech Z407 Review: A Speaker With Immersive Sound to Bring Your Music, Movie and Games to Life

Logitech’s subtle but stellar Bluetooth speaker system is here to bring the boom.

Jeremy Proome



While portable Bluetooth speakers are all the rage, not all are well suited for a variety of modern use cases. Having a surround sound set-up, along with some booming bass and deep tones from a sub-woofer is unrivalled, and Logitech’s Z407 speaker set aims to turn your TV or PC audio, or casual music listening, into an auditory treat. But does it bring the boom?

The Z407 is a rather compact set, with two 10W satellite speakers — serving as your left and right — along with a 20W subwoofer which packs way more of a punch than it looks like it’s capable of. The graphite grey finish and slick design allow the speakers to look modern and striking, but also slim and sleek enough to hide away if you prefer the minimal look (you can even stand them up or lie them down, thanks to the design). However, one of the best bits is the inclusion of a Bluetooth controller that features a 20m range, which lets you play with volume, bass, and change tracks with a swivel or click of your finger. It’s small, slick, and having it on the armrest of the couch while watching a movie or listening to music is a blessing, as it avoids the need to fumble with remotes or obstruct the movie with a sound or volume HUD mid-action scene.

The controller also acts as your pairing device for the speakers if you want to play music through your phone or another Bluetooth device, which works without a hiccup. With the speakers having line-in, micro-USB, and Bluetooth input options, the controller also has a source-switching feature, so you can jump between your devices with ease; for example, if the Z407 is all set up and connected to your TV via line-in, you can still just use the controller to switch it over to Bluetooth and connect to their phones if your friends pop around and want to show you a song or three.

The controller is powered by two AA batteries which are included in the package, and they’re said to last over a year, which is a win too.

(Left) The satellite speaker & controller. (Right) Sub-woofer inputs, featuring a microUSB.

How Does it Sound?

In terms of sound performance, the Z407 doesn’t disappoint. The advertised 80W peak power seems spot on, and even though most users won’t ever push these things to their max, the average volume is striking, clear, and full of bass. Speaking of, the natural sound is quite ‘low’ in terms of bass, so you will find dialogue and ‘higher’ pitched sounds still having quite a bit of oomph behind them. This is great if you like that booming movie cinema sound, but if you want to listen to a podcast, for example, then you can simply just dial down the bass using the controller, which is a great feature to have.

The Logitech Z407 is a practical and convenient speaker system that gives some new flexibility thanks to its connectivity options and Bluetooth controller, which is a game-changer in terms of ease of use. For its price-point, it’s an option that’ll elevate any movie, gaming, or music-listening sessions and will be become your go-to if you’re willing to give it a chance.

The Logitech Z407 is priced at R1,499 from Takealot. You can find out more about the Logitech Z407 on Logitech’s website.

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