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GoPro’s New Fusion Camera Boasts 360 Video & VR Capabilities

GoPro delve into the world of VR with their latest camera.




GoPro has announced their newest offer for the mobile video capturing market and it looks like it’s going to be a game-changer for those that want to start looking into creating their own VR video content.

The long and short of it is that the offset lenses aimed in opposite directions allow for seamless stitching of the recorded content to create a 360-degree video, and it can record in 5.2k resolution at 30fps (frames per second).

Besides the novelty of allowing 360-degree video capture at such high qualities, another massive draw for the Fusion is that it has the “OverCapture” function – which allows you to select a subject in your 360-degree video and follow that subject, picking the best angles to emphasise whatever you’d like to. You can then export this focused selection as a non-360 video in 1080p, giving you the option to have the best of both worlds, either 360-degree or traditional video setup with a specific subject being followed.

Additionally, GoPro is including Fusion Studio software that will allow desktop editing of the 360 videos you record. It also has built-in image stabilisation that means a gimbal isn’t an absolute necessity, and even has the option to automatically edit the grip mount out of your videos.

Other features include WiFI/Bluetooth connectivity, waterproofing to 5 metres, and the ability to use voice commands. These innovations open up a lot of possibility for creative applications in terms of recording styles and post-production editing, so expect some amazing footage to start hitting YouTube not long after the Fusion’s release. It’ll retail for around $700 (around R9,500) in the US, with local prices yet to be confirmed.

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