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Epson EH-TW610 Review – A R12k Contender to Replace Your TV?

Epson’s slick projector takes us by surprise.

Jeremy Proome



Epson EH-TW610 projector review

Most people think (including us) that a projector will never be as ‘good’ as an HD TV, but we were so pleasantly surprised by the Epson EH-TW610, that we might even swap it out as our primary watching device in the office.

While the clarity will never be exactly the same as an OLED TV, for example, it does look pretty damn close thanks to the high-lumen and full HD support, allowing your DSTV, Netflix, or gaming to be bright, big, and vivid on your wall.

The EH-TW610, which has a really solid build-quality, is recommended to sit around two metres or so from the wall, but you can pull it a bit further back when you don’t need that optimum clarity and your mates are over to watch a big sports match.

Of course, the one shortcoming of having a projector such as this, is finding a dedicated spot for it. When moving it around, having to shift your gaming console so that the HDMI reaches the projector, and finding a suitable power outlet that doesn’t leave a Saw-level trap of cables across your living room, it can be a little tricky. So, if you’re looking at picking up a projector, consider where it’s going to sit, and how easy is it to plug your various devices into it.

A photo will never to a projector justice, but the Epson EH-TW610 does do extremely well even in a fairly-lit room.

That said, in addition to HDMI support, it also does feature WiFi capabilities, so that you can stream directly from your phone or laptop – if that floats your boat – making things a little easier when popping on a quick episode or two of your favourite show.

It does carry a notable price-tag (R12,999), it’s far more affordable option than other 1080p projectors on the market, and can output a far bigger display size than you’ll find from a TV in the same price-bracket.

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