Cheapest Wii U Bundle In South Africa?

Wii U black console

Nintendo’s Wii U is falling a little bit out of the limelight now that Sony and Microsoft are ushering in their Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles respectively, but Nintendo’s little box of joy still has a lot to offer; and we’re here to tell you where to get the cheapest one.

The price of the console has dropped significantly since it first released in South Africa back in November 2012. The original pre-order prices for the console averaged at around R4,800.

The standard edition console is pretty rare these days, and it appears that retailers are only stocking game-included bundles, most notably, the 3G black console edition with New Super Mario Bros U. and New Super Luigi U.

Looking at the retailers who currently stock the bundle, only Kalahari, Takealot and Raru have the particular bundle. Here are their respective prices:

  • Kalahari: R4,084
  • Takealot: R4,199
  • Raru: R4,499

Kalahari’s price of R4,084 is then the cheapest option available for the 32GB wii U console bundle including New Super Mario Bros U. and New Super Luigi U.

Wii U console bundle from Kalahari

Wii U console bundle from Kalahari

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