Asus TUF Dash F15 Laptop Review

Does Asus’ Dash F15 deliver bang for your buck?

Gaming laptops are becoming increasingly popular, not only with console converts and desktop enthusiasts who are looking for more portable options, but also the larger consumer market, who are looking to dip their toes into the gaming world or just require something with a little more oomph under the hood. Asus’ TUF Dash F15 is an interesting release, which provides more than enough firepower to get the job done, along with a reasonable admission fee given the digestible price-tag.

Granted, at around the R30k mark, the Dash F15 isn’t a cheap-buy, but that shouldn’t deter you too much, given that most high-end PCs are retailing around that point, and admittedly, on top of the impressive performance, don’t give you the additional design and portability benefits.

While most gaming laptops are a bit bulky and cumbersome in design (in order to fit the necessary GPUs and components), the Dash F15 is sleek, sexy, and has a beautiful finish that will undoubtedly catch the eye of any gamer out there. Its slimmer profile (just 19.9mm thin) and clean white design make it stand out among the neon-lit and all-black options out there. There is a dark variant available, but for something that can be a reliant go-to on your desk at home, while also being able to fit into just about any laptop bag for its size, you won’t find anything better.

The Dash F15 features an 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11370H processor, 16GB of RAM with a 512GB SSD, and juicing up those spiffy visuals on its 240Hz display is an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. This is a pretty robust offering from a hardware perspective, and the sheer speed and smoothness of the SSD allows you to boot up and get operating in a matter of seconds.

The performance of the Dash F15 is noteworthy too, and you’ll be playing just about every game under the sun on ultra settings with no hiccups, albeit one or two brand new titles which are a little more demanding. While the laptop manages to deliver a high-end gaming experience, it also manages to remain pretty cool throughout sessions, as well as survive a playtime of 2.5 hours thanks to the solid battery.

As for the keypad, which has been specifically designed for quick-reaction gamers in mind, it’s a joy to use. The softer, deeper keys allow you to get greater feedback on each button press, and the highlighted WASD is a nice touch that most gamers will appreciate.

Of course, you could always throw a little extra money into your budget to get something a little more punchy, but for its price and what it delivers, this is a very good laptop that’ll tick the boxes that most, if not all, gamers need.

You can check out more info on the Asus TUF Dash F15 on the Asus website.

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