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3 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office

Up your game at home with these handy home office essentials.

Jeremy Proome



Many South Africans are either partially, or full-time, working from home now, but, of course, doing your daily tasks from the comfort (or non-comfort, depending on your set-up) of your abode can make your job a tougher challenge than usual. So, in order to get your remote working space up to speed, we’ve highlighted 3 game-changing products that can make your home workstation a whole lot slicker in 2023:

Logitech POP mouse

Price: R699

If you want a non-cumbersome and easy-to-use mouse, that also adds a splash of colour to your desk, Logitech’s POP mouse is a great peripheral that pairs seamlessly with laptops, desktops, or tablets via Bluetooth. This wireless little gem fits easily into the palm of your hand, weighs in at only 82 grams, and has customisable buttons, along with a dedicated Emoji button, so that you can switch from work-to-home life on the fly. The POP can also connect to up to 3 devices, and allows you to hop between them at the press of a button on the bottom of the mouse.

One thing to note: instead of a built-in rechargeable battery, it does run on two AA batteries, so that is something to take into account, but at the price-point, it’s hard to find something as efficient and unique as the Logitech POP.


Price: From R1,499

The whole ‘standing-while-working’ thing seemed to have been the flavour of the week a while back, but there’s no doubt that the philosophy and importance of it are everlasting. An adjustable and customisable standing desk from South African company DeskStand allows you to change the height of your laptop and keyboard to suit your preferred set-up. Standing while typing and reading can help your posture and spinal health tremendously, helping you avoid frumpy chairs that fold you like a macaroni.

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Furthermore, the ease at which you can remove a shelf and slot it into a lower groove makes shifting from standing to sitting simple — which is something DeskStand recommend when easing into the new arrangement.

Hoco Mini UPS

Price: R799

With the whole loadshedding fiasco, staying online at home is paramount. The Hoco Mini UPS is a small and extremely portable solution to keep your internet, smartphone, or CCTV system running throughout a power outage session. It features an 8,800mAH battery in its housing, an output voltage switch to adjust for your router type (9 or 12 volt), overload and short circuit protection, and a battery meter display. It works well, and through our tests, has kept a 12V WiFi router and fibre box running for 3 hours.

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