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3 Mini-UPS Products Under R2,000 to Keep Your WiFi Running During Loadshedding

Get back online with these affordable mini UPS options.




Loadsheddding has become the bane of many South Africans’ existence, often interuppting your day, evening, or whatever important task you’re trying to complete. To keep you out of the dark, and at the very-least, your internet running, we’ve rounded up three WiFi-powering options that won’t break the bank.


Price: R1,299

The WiBox is a plug-and-play mini UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), designed by Arion Power, to power your router and fiber box during power outages. The WiBox features a 7.2Ah battery and 84WH rating, giving you about 4 hours of battery life. Furthermore, it’s super easy to install and requires little to no tinkering to get going. The WiBox is compatible with all DC Fiber, ADSL and LTE setups.

Superfly Mini UPS

Price: R799

The Superfly Mini UPS is a small and extremely portable solution to keep your internet, smartphone, or CCTV system running throughout a loadshedding session. It features 4x 2,500mAH batteries in its housing, an output voltage switch to adjust for your router type (9 or 12 volt), overload and short circuit protection, and a battery meter display.

Gizzu 8800MAH Mini DC UPS

Price: R999

From power failures to unexpected blackouts, Gizzu’s mini UPS is here to keep you connected. It has multiple intelligent protection features from over-charge and discharge protection to short circuit prevention. This UPS allows for voltage selection, broadening the number of devices that it works with. It features a high-capacity Lithium-Ion battery, power over ethernet (PoE), wider AC voltage range of 100~240Vac, smart chip control, voltage selection, and only weighs in at 460g.

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