7 Worst Superhero Movies

Which superhero movies make our list for being the worst of the worst?

Let’s all be honest here – while some may complain that we’re just being fed one superpowered explosion-fest after another and “superhero movie fatigue” is beginning to set in, there’s no denying that we’re being treated to some pretty incredible films in the genre over the past couple years.

To highlight this fact, we thought we’d remind you of a number of superhero movies that were more unpleasant than finding a hole in your spandex. So remember to be grateful for the golden-age of superhero movies we’re currently in, because otherwise you could find yourself watching these abominations once again.

Here are our picks for the worst superhero movies ever made:

Jonah Hex (2010)

There are films based on comic books where you can see the potential, and then there’s some that just leave us scratching our heads. DC’s Jonah Hex is an alright character, we guess, but he definitely doesn’t have the appeal and interest to warrant a full blown movie. For some reason, Warner Bros. thought otherwise, and plastered poor Josh Brolin in so much facial make-up and prosthetics to become the disfigured cowboy anti-hero, that it made his performance partially immobile, which, to be fair, was probably for the best, given that the script was cringe-worthy dialogue was unbearable to start with.

Jonah Hex

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Where to start? After two good (and some would say very good) Spider-Man movies, Sam Raimi had to finish out the trilogy with a bizarrely structured rom-com with Spidey shoehorned into it. Instead of one good villain, we got three substandard ones (Sandman, Venom and Harry Osborn, aka Goblin Jr.) mucking up the plot. While many will attribute the dislike of the movie to the silly “emo-Spider-Man” scene, that wasn’t the worst problem — there’s just too much is happening all at once, and worse, the acting of the supporting cast is horrendous to say the least.

Spider Man 3

Ghost Rider (2007)

Some may say the Ghost Rider sequel, Spirit of Vengeance, is the worse movie of the two, but the sequel did see Ghost Rider turn a giant mining machine into a fiery death vehicle, which was pretty cool. The first film however had no redeeming factors. The star power of Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes was all there, but a painfully ridiculous villain and a story so paper thin makes Ghost Rider end up as the worst kind of disappointment, a completely forgettable movie.

Ghost Rider

Elektra (2005)

A sequel of sorts to Daredevil, for some reason Elektra stripped out any reference it its predecessor. Instead they opted to ignore the main character’s tortured and interesting life in lieu of a forced loved story and the kiss of death — both literally as a superpower and figuratively by using a child actor as a plot device. A muddled script, wooden acting, terrible CGI, and characters no one cares about — not exactly recipes for success.


Green Lantern (2011)

The greatest sin of Green Lantern is that it’s boring, but the through-a-blender storytelling is nearly as bad. Hal Jordan has no discernible character arc, no true motivations for his actions, and the full use of CGI to create the suit, instead of practical effects, didn’t hold up well on the big-screen either. There’s a big villain, Parallax, who makes almost no sense, and a smaller villain, Hector Hammond, who’s essentially an afterthought. A completely missed opportunity — hopefully Hal Jordan can have his redemption in the upcoming Justice League movie.

Green Lantern

Catwoman (2004)

There’s really not much to say here that hasn’t been said before. After Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic take on the character in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, Warner Bros. was understandably keen on making a solo film, but ended up sitting on it for more than a decade when Halle Berry signed on. The result was hardly worth the wait. An over-the-top mess that’s inconsistent in both look and tone, Catwoman should serve as a cautionary tale for any studio rushing into a comic book adaptation without a clear vision.


Batman and Robin (1997)

The infamous entry into the Batman film universe is just too over-the-top to be taken seriously. The groan-worthy jokes fly thick and fast, and the camp-value is off the charts, but not in a good way. Sets and costumes are eye-wateringly bright (and feature the infamous Bat-nipples). Attempts to tie together all these quips and characters with plot and backstory lead to a frenetic and headache-inducing installment in Batman history.

Batman and Robin

Which superhero movies do you think deserve a spot on this list? Comment below and tweet us @MenStuffZA and let us know…

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