7 Best Co-Op Games To Play With Your Bro

Here are five worthy reasons to bring friends and family together this season.

The holiday season is all about friends, family, sharing, exchanging gifts on Christmas and above all, working together. One thing everyone can agree on is achieving the same goals, and this is definitely the case in the world of video games, and especially co-op games.  

If you’re going be putting in some good ole’ family time between the time-off, catching up with the lads, cooked turkeys and Christmas playlists in the coming month, nothing pulls your close ones together like a good multiplayer game. So we have compiled a list that reveals the best co-op / multiplayer games to play with your friends and family on Christmas. 

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

What’s better than a game that also has co-op? A game built for co-op. The Army of Two series is the pinnacle of virtual teamwork and is the perfect title to put your trust and cooperative nature to the test. While the first two games pushed cooperative mechanics in the genre, the sequel, Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, solidified it.

Army of Two The Devils Cartel

Dead Space 3

Dead Space has always been outrageously frightening as you made you lonely way through derelict space ships, but does adding a friend to the mix make it easier?  Not really, but it’s awesome. In Dead Space 3, drop-in/drop-out co-op allows the world’s most unlucky engineer, Isaac Clark, to be joined by John Carver.  The problem is that Carver also deals with some dementia of his own, which results in each player experiencing the game a little different through each character’s eyes.

Dead Space 3


FIFA players so often battle it out with one another in order to see who’s the best and attain bragging rights. A neglected part of the FIFA series is the chance to play alongside your best friends and family (who are so often your rivals). So grab four controllers, jump on the same team, and time some perfect through-balls and crosses that result in awesome high-fivage.  


There will be a lot of this

Gears of War 2 

Marcus Fenix and his fellow COG’s represent comradery and teamwork in the finest, yet grizzliest, of manners. Whether it’s saving your downed buddy by chainsawing an enemy Locust in half, or covering your partner while they dash for cover, The Gears of War series is one unparalleled badass co-op experience. Gears of War 3, and the more recent Gears of War 4 and Gears of War: Judgment, are good, but Gears 2 just stands out as the strongest.

Gears of War 2

Wii Sports

Every Wii owner has Wii Sports (’cause it’s bundled with the console, duh!?) and it contains a wealth of games that, although simplistic, are heaps of fun to play with your family. Bowling with your sibling? Baseball with your cat? Boxing with your Gran? Your choice. It’s simple, yet addictive.

Wii Sports

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception 

While Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’s epic single-player story wowed gamers around the globe, there is a highly neglected part of the game which should be highlighted. Uncharted 3 features online and split-screen co-op. Players can take our favourite treasure-hunter and his friends into some great cooperative action which even fills in never-seen-before gaps in the Uncharted story-arc.

Uncharted 3 co-op

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 mixes the chaos of a non-stop shoot-em-up with that of a clever RPG, and playing through it with a friend makes it that much better. With its unmatched co-op gameplay, intense shootouts, addictive loot collecting, expansive skill customization, hilarious dialogue, and insane level of difficulty, Borderlands 2 is one of the most rewarding co-op gaming experiences you’ll get.

Borderlands 2

What co-op games are you looking forward to playing this December?

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