5 movies that should be video games

Which silver-screen romps would make successful video games? Tech Drop takes a look.

There are games that are turned into movies. There are movies that are turned into games, though they never seem to be the movies that you ideally want as a video game. Some of these movies just don’t seem to have the premise to make a successful video game and others are just cheap cash-ins to supplement the film. We’ve taken this into consideration and isolated certain films which contain all the ingredients that practically lend themselves to game mechanics, and that need to be made at some point or another. These are the top 5 movies that should be video games.

Boondock Saints

Anyone who’s seen The Boondock Saints knows it’s not one for the kids, and neither should the game be. This ultra-violent shoot-‘em-up fest would make an awesome co-op shooter, where you, along with your brother, take on the evil crime lords and drug dealers, dealing out some Irish vengence with duel baretta’s, shotguns and uzi’s, while also praying every now and then to regenerate your health.



Death Race

Ok, there’s very little convincing needed to be done here. Just think about it – customizable cars including weapon modifications, real-time damage and epic crashes, crazy power-ups players need to drive over in order to use their said weapons, as well as wildcard entries, like the giant truck which wrecks havoc on the track, would make Death Race a adrenaline pumping racer. It’d be like Death Rally in HD.

Death Race

Because why not?

Indiana Jones

Alright, we know what you thinking. There has been some old Indy games in the past, including the recent Lego: Indiana Jones series and Staff of Kings on the Wii, but seriously, we’re talking a fully-fledged Indy adventure with Uncharted-esque platforming sequences, great fire-fights and melee combat all wrapped up in some Spielberg magic. We can hear that great theme music now. That’s more than enough reasons for another Indy game, as well as the fact that Indy’s got a sweet-ass whip which he can swing around with (take that Drake).

indy-screen (1)

Indy telling it like it is.

Every Jackie Chan Movie Ever

For those of you who don’t know, Jackie Chan had a game back in the original Playstation days, entitled Jackie Chan Stuntmaster. Contrary to belief, this was downright one of the coolest and greatest games ever made. Any of Jackie’s movies would make a seriously stylish brawler. Kicking chairs, using ropes, flipping boards into your enemies faces. Basically, anything would be a weapon, and with Jackie’s unique humour and awkward situations, another Jackie Chan adventure would make one hilarious beat-‘em-up.

jackie-screen (1)

Quite possibly, the best game ever made.

District 9

Our very own homegrown sci-fi blockbuster would make the perfect premise for a game. The plotline and action sequences practically scream ‘video game’. From the stealth-like aspects of running from the authorities, to the awesome alien weaponry and underlying social undertones, not to mention some (spoiler alert) mech missions could be incorporated. We only hope some clever game developer picks up Bloemkamp’s masterpiece.


Just imagine playing out the mech scene for one second…

What do you think of the list? Any movies you think deserve to be here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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