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Kenya’s ‘The Shirt Company’ Launches New Formal Shirt Brand

African flair with international quality.




For those who know about prominent African fashion brands, Kenya’s The Shirt Company might ring a bell. Narok NYC is their bespoke luxury shirt brand, which will shortly be joined by another brand in their silo aimed at those who want ready-to-wear shirts, but who don’t want to compromise on quality and genuine African style.

Their creative director Zeddy Loky is proud to offer the brand to men who want quality garments that reflect African designers’ distinguishable approach to style. The new brand, Tayler Gray will deliver great shirts replete with African style cues, and will join their other brands, Narok NYC and SAO (a dedicated wedding suits brand).

Their first collection is aimed at delivering some on-trend pieces that will be more in line with what the average runway showcases, but it will also include a few pieces that will communicate the Kenyan brand’s unique style traits.

The Shirt Company has incorporated a designer into their team with international experience, having worked for fashion brands like Burberry, in order to ensure they hit the perfect balance between global relevance, while staying true to their Kenyan heritage.

Keep an eye out for more news about the upcoming Tayler Gray shirt brand!

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