Boxers, Briefs Or Bare It All? 5 Simple Rules Of What To Wear Underneath

boxers vs briefs

What should yor go-to underwear choice be?

The question of which style of underwear to put on is something that many men ponder each and every morning.

Should today be boxers, briefs, or the day you don’t care and bare it all by going commando?  Well, with that question in mind, there are five simple rules that can help men decide what to wear and what not to wear underneath.

1. Always Choose a Comfortable Fit of Underwear

When making a decision on which pair of underwear to wear, your number one priority should always be comfort and a pair of UFM briefs featuring no inseam is a great place to start.

Stop paying attention to your classic pairs of tighty-whities that make you look and feel like a fool. It’s 2020 and you can do so much better.

Upgrade to a quality pair of underwear that not only properly supports your manhood with a pouch that can be adjusted perfectly to your form, but also, looks great doing it as well.

2. Wear the Right Material for the Job

The next rule you should always follow, is choosing the right pair of underwear for the job at hand.

This means wearing a comfortable pair of briefs day to day, a pair of highly supportive, moisture wicking underwear when you work out and a pair of breathable boxers for those days spent lounging around the house.

Comfort is relative and all depends on what you need to get done, so having a number of different styles on hand is key.

3. Don’t Risk Going Commando

Yes, not going commando is the next rule that all men should be following.

Guys, come on.  No matter how unstrenuous you plan your day to be, you really never know what could pop up.

Not only is going commando uncomfortable during the smallest level of physical output, but it’s also unhygienic and downright embarrassing when an inevitable wardrobe malfunction occurs.

It’s just not worth the risk.

4. Change your Underwear Daily

We can’t believe that this even has to be a written rule, but here we are.

For purely your own personal hygiene, you have to be changing your underwear daily.  Don’t be that guy who you know hasn’t changed his underwear for a week.

Having a number of pairs of underwear on hand and ready to go for each day of the week is a simple solution to building a clean and hygienic routine.

5. Purge Old Underwear Regularly

Our fifth and final rule of what to wear underneath is that you need to be wearing quality, new underwear day to day.

Studies have found that tens of thousands of living bacteria is found even in what you’d consider to be clean underwear.

Are you disgusted with what you’re wearing right now?

Purge old underwear at least on a yearly basis and upgrade your draw with men’s underwear from UFM that has been designed for hygiene, comfort, support and fashion.

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