3 Ways to Pull Off Suede Boots

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Don’t be afraid of the suede!

Suede is a bit of an adventurous texture that some guys might shy away from, it isn’t as easy to get a grip on as something like denim, normal cotton, or conventional leather. Luckily, suede shoes are pretty trendy right now, so it’s a good way to dip your toes into the pool instead of just diving in. We’re going to have a look at three easy ways to pull off suede shoes!

Smart Casual

Suede boots, or desert boots, might not seem like they lend themselves well to anything except casual looks, but depending on what you pair them up with they’re not a bad option for smart casual looks. To make the outfit a little more formal, smart chinos, or dark denim, and paired with a button-down shirt will do the trick. This will probably be a go-to outfit since it works well for casual social settings, but it can also seem like you’d belong in an office in a pinch.

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This might sound surprising, but the restrictions on what counts as formal wear is rapidly changing in the menswear sphere. Once upon a time formal may have meant three-piece suits and monocles, but nowadays you can be a little more adventurous and even try some sneakers with more formal attire and pull it off. Suede boots are no different, and can go easily with suit trousers and a dress shirt, just make sure you opt for a darker colour like the pair shown below to keep your look closer to the office than the bar.

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With Shorts

No, no, we’re completely serious. You’d think that shorts and suede boots are reserved strictly for old folks, but you’d be wrong. Suede boots are great for summer because they’re more breathable and lighter than full-grain leather, which doesn’t always mix well with our hotter days. Suede boots with a pair of basic linen shorts and a tee work quite seamlessly and will keep you cooler during those blazing afternoons. Since shorts are inherently more casual lighter colors like the olive pair shown below work best.

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