3 Essential Jackets Every Guy Should Have

Which jackets should you ensure to have in your wardrobe?

Even though our nippy winter days are busy passing us by, a windy and often chilly August is busy shaping up and we’ll be enjoying September rains before too long. When it comes to colder or inclement weather, there are a few style staples that have stood the test of time, and when it comes to men’s style, going with what always looks good is often better than resorting to the trends of the day. We’re going to have a look at three jacket styles that every guy should consider looking into, and proudly South African men’s fashion icon Samson can help you out with each of them!

The Harrington

Check out Samson’s Combat Harrington.

The Harrington is a casual style staple with names like James Dean and Steve McQueen as its most iconic wearers. Having a ribbed hem for the body and ribbed cuffs, along with an extended collar, are features that Harrington jackets almost universally have, as seen above. There are two reasons why it’s great for every guy out there: its construction and design flatters every body type, whether you’re slimmer or broader, but also because it’s applicable for very casual outfits or for smart casual looks. Whether you need something for an evening out (which you’ll be pairing it with jeans and sneakers), or if you’ve got a date and a collared shirt and chinos, the Harrington complements essentially every occasion except for a wedding or a business meeting.

Quilted Jacket

Check out Samson’s 707 Quilted Jacket.

Quilted jackets are often associated with far colder climates, but they’re applicable to any place where keeping the wind from chilling your bones might be necessary. Quilted jackets can come in a few different styles, sometimes a little longer, other times as a bomber jacket; but its universal feature is the quilt ‘check’ pattern of its stitching. It’s usually a casual item, best paired with some dark denim, but in recent years, it’s become acceptable to wear a quilted jacket over a suit because it’s usually made of water-resistant material and makes a great all-weather winter item. If you’ve ever had to endure a Capetonian winter shower, you’ll know it’s a better idea to keep your blazers and suit jackets bone-dry – something a quilted bomber can help you pull off stylishly.

Varsity / Baseball Jacket

Check out Samson’s Fort Hare Varsity Jacket.

The Letterman or Baseball Jacket was a mainstay in American fashion since the 50s, and has managed to spread in popularity all over the globe. It’s a casual staple that usually features a two-tone construction with the torso often being one colour and the sleeves being another. Since this isn’t ever going to see the inside of a boardroom, baseball jackets are a great place to introduce a little colour to your wardrobe, especially if your Harrington or Quilted jacket are neutral or monochromatic colours. So pick a combination that adds a bit of extra vibrancy to an outfit.

You can check out more from Samson to see their range of jackets and other stylish pieces.  Also remember to follow Samson on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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