Budweiser Takes A Cheeky Shot At Craft Beer

While most big breweries in the world are embracing the craft beer explosion, US beer giant Budweiser is taking the alternate route and has fired a jab at the microbrewery industry and its clientele.

In the brand new ad which aired during the Super Bowl, Budweiser essentially discards the craft beer phenomenon and some of its notable features, and rather punts its straight-down-the-line attitude towards beer, brewing and drinking.

MenStuff asked South African craft beer festival organisers SA on Tap about their  and local brewers thoughts on the ad. Their response is below:

Well, there we go.

Check out the ad below and let us know what you think:

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6 years ago

I’m not going to lie, this Ad pretty much sums up how I feel about craft beers. They always try and make them look like the bearded “working” mans beer but craft beers are so expensive. I love me some mass produced beers…. Although Bonecrusher is pretty amazing!

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