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You Can Now Have a Real-Life ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Experience Thanks to Tokyo’s Mystery Circus


Any Playstation owner will likely have fond memories of the 1998’s Metal Gear Solid – and any true fan that wants to experience the thrills of sneaking through hallways, hiding in cardboard boxes, and solving world-threatening plots should look no further than Tokyo’s Mystery Circus.

The multi-level entertainment space specialises in reenactments or interactive theatre style events, like solving fake murders or escaping from a city under siege from Godzilla. One of their many exploits is a semi-laser tag, semi-escape room setup that replicates Solid Snake’s infiltration of Shadow Moses in the first Metal Gear Solid game.

Participants are divided into teams of three and are then given a set of puzzles to solve in the small, recreated environment. A time limit is set up within which to complete the activities, and by locating rations, the players can extend their time available, but they’ll suffer a penalty if they’re spotted by the guards. Who, by the way, adhere to the same in-game logic players will be familiar with. They’ll stare at a cardboard box – mutter “Huh… just a box” and be on their merry way, keeping the MGS authenticity alive and well.

Attention to detail and providing as much fan service as possible is clearly at the top of the designers’ list for this event. Lockers contain bikini pin-up posters like the guard’s lockers in the game, exclamation marks pop up over the guards’ heads, and you’re even given a Codec that relays information about your tasks to you.

For $55 (around R770), you and a couple of friends can traverse this faithful recreation, probably being beaten by several spritely teenagers far more active and familiar with the MGS universe, but it will still be a massively satisfying experience for any diehard fans of the franchise.

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