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You Can Now Buy Hopper’s Glorious Shirt from ‘Stranger Things’


The 80s is back!

Any fans of Stranger Things, and particularly those who’ve binged Season 3 already, know that the 80s aesthetic runs deep in the Netflix sci-fi show. However, one of the most 80s thing has been Jim Hopper’s colourful button-up shirt.

As the season takes place over the course of a few days, David Harbour’s character dons the eye-catching shirt throughout the majority of the show – which has made it a favourite item amongst fans; thankfully, you can now own one.

The shirt is actually from fashion retailer Hot Topic – and thanks to the resurgence of button-up print shirts, it fits right into the milieu of the show.

On a side-note, the shirt itself is supposed to be an 80s Easter Egg of sorts, reiterating the Magnum P.I. reference another character makes of Hopper’s shirt. Funnily, the season is littered with Jurassic Park call-backs too (you know, giant monsters and all that jazz), and it may just be us, but the shirt’s colour-scheme has a striking resemblance to the one Wayne Knight’s character worse in Jurassic Park.

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