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Stop Motion Geniuses Deliver a Dose of X-Men Nostalgia [Video]

Xmen stop motion

Figure it out!

Retro media is making a serious comeback these days, with all the treasures from many adults’ childhoods being mined for movies or other creative content. Anyone fortunate enough to have been a kid in the 90s will likely recognise this theme music as soon as the video starts, but it isn’t going to be the X-Men: The Animated Series intro you’re used to.

This one has a unique twist: it was expertly done using some impressive action figures and stop motion to recreate the iconic introduction montage for the X-Men animated series.

Those itching for some more mutant-filled X-Men action will have two live action instalments to look forward to, with X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants both releasing alongside the superhero flicks in 2018.

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