Here’s Footage Of The Unreleased Open-World South Park Game

South PArk game

Free-roam gameplay and a full combat system were only some of the features in the forgotten South Park adventure game.

There’s some pretty amazing things floating our there on the hard-drives of former developers and studios, and one such project which has only just seen the light of day is an never-before-released build of an open-world, GTA-inspired South Park game.

The origin of the game goes back to the early 2000s, when Oregon studio Buzz Monkey was working on an officially licensed South Park game for the original Xbox. The game never made it right through production and was scrapped. However, an early version of the project was left on an old Xbox debug console (which used to play unfinished versions of games).

The specific console was picked up by gaming YouTubers, HappyConsoleGamer, who managed to find the game file and access the discarded project.

It’s pretty interesting; so if you want to see footage of Cartman running around his house, driving a school bus, and punching dogs in the face, check out the video below:

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