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Heineken Launches Beer-Filled Sneaker

Get some beer in your sole with the Heinekicks.




Dutch beer giant Heineken has launched their own shoe, but of course, it’s filled with beer. Well, in it’s sole at least.

The new sneakers, which are called the Heinekicks, feature a green, white, and red colourway to match the bottle of the brand, and include a trasparent compartment in the sole which has been filled with Heineken beer. Furthermore, there’s also a tube resembling that of a beer keg pipe, which wraps around the shoe and also houses the brand’s beer.

There is also a bottle opener hidden in the tongue, which is a nice touch when you’re out and about and need a beverage.

The man behind the sneaker design is Dominic Ciambrone, who has done custom signature footware for the likes of LeBron James, Justin Bieber, and Drake.

Only 32 pairs of these sneakers have been created, so they’ll be pretty hard to come by and there’s no doubt that sneakerheads will scoop them up in no time.

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