The Vivo Nex S is a Full-Screen Smartphone Showcasing What’s to Come

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Chinese company Vivo’s new flagship is a sign of the incoming bezel-less trend.

Just last week, we were gushing about Lenovo’s almost full-screen Z5 smartphone, which was the closest thing we have seen to a bezel-less device; but it seems that Chinese tech company Vivo has already beaten many of the bigger-name brands to the punch.

The Vivo Nex S is the tech firm’s latest flagship, which drops any obtrusive designs from the face, and actually delivers a full-screen experience on a smartphone. If the glorious screen wasn’t enough, the phone also boasts a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage under the hood, along with an in-display fingerprint sensor and a pop-up selfie camera.

Vivo Nex S

The 6.59-inch AMOLED display on the Nex S leaves almost no bezel, giving you the best body-to-screen ratio we’ve seen on any device, however, it does only output 1080p, so it’s a little less crisp than other flagships on the market currently.

You’re probably asking yourself: “with the whole phone being a screen, where the speaker?”. Vivo has found a workaround for that predicament, installing a vibrating exciter panel, which outputs great sound quality, according to early hands-on impressions.

The Vivo Nex S is set to launch on 19 July, and only in India currently, with no SA release date in the pipelines as of yet.

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