A Wearable, Vibration-Based Metronome Has Been Invented

The Pulse is here to help musicians with their rhythm.

Across almost all musical instruments and musical genres, rhythm and timing are two crucial variables that have to be nearly perfect for a piece of music to be played well. Soundbrenner wanted to create a product that made it easier for musicians to practice and perfect their timing, and they came up with the Pulse.

Where Pulse differs from normal ‘clicking’ metronomes is that it’s wearable metronome and uses vibration to recreate any beat or rhythm, so that the wearer has a tactile point of reference rather than trying to listen to a click-track over their own playing. You can wear it using the wrist strap, or use additional straps to wear it around your ankle or across your body – pretty much anywhere that’s most comfortable for an individual musician.

Its ease of use is probably what will attract users most. Simply double-tapping the fact of the device turns it on, and by linking it with a phone app you can get started with whatever beat you want. If you want it to be even simpler, you can tap the face of the device in the rhythm you want to practice and it will replicate it, which you can then speed up or slow down with the dial around it. Check out how it works here:


Beyond using it for practice, an additional application for the Pulse is for band members to all wear them, and through the multi-player sync function all the band members will be able to follow the exact same rhythm. Up to five devices can be linked at a time, so whether it’s for practice or actual shows bands can pull off intricate parts of songs in perfect synchronization.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is available to order online, and can be shipped worldwide, costing only $99 for the product itself, and comes with a 1-year warranty. Want to get your rhythm flawless? Check it out at Soundbrenner’s site here.

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