Entrepreneur Mag Calls This Local Company One of the Most Successful Business Ideas in SA

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The local software dev that’s catching everyone’s eye!

South African businesses, while incredible, don’t often get the credit they deserve. While our country is often lauded over its beauty and people, the innovations in our business landscape often slip under the radar despite being world-class. However, business publication Entrepreneur has released a list of the 25 Most Successful Business Ideas in South Africa, showcasing some of the best and most creative enterprises operating across the country.

Amongst the selection is the likes of a video streaming service Tuluntulu, a game-changing paint tray from Olympic Paints, and, most proudly, My Online Presence – the local custom software development company which has helped bring the likes of MobiClaw and Digitise to life.

My Online Presence, who won the National Small Business Champion award in 2017, is a team of highly skilled developers, focusing on designing and developing systems to simplify complex business workflows. From big to small businesses, My Online Presence helps turn companies’ backends and ideas into reality with custom-tailored solutions.

Also, if the mobile arena is more your focus, My Online Presence also build and develop iOS and Android applications; while one of their key products, Digitise, is a game-changing drag-and-drop website builder, Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), and marketing system (SMS and USSD services) all in one neat package. You can find out more about Digitise in our full feature on the service.

What makes My Online Presence special though (beyond the technical talent) is their comprehensive approach to all types of businesses. Whatever you’re looking for, they will have a custom solution and your budget in mind to ensure that you get a unique system for your business without breaking the bank.

So if you’ve been toying with the idea of developing a distinct digital platform to get your company’s growth to the next level, get in touch with the team at My Online Presence and let them guide you on the way!

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