Review: Pura Soda Gives Cold Drinks a Refreshingly Grown-Up Twist


Soda of the future is here and it’s healthy, delicious and natural.

It’s time to ditch that sugar-laden soft drink — sodas have been given a refreshing, grown-up twist thanks to Pura Soda. Containing only one-third of the sugar found in commercial cool drinks, without compromising on delicious taste, Pura is the soda health-conscious South Africans have been waiting for.

The refreshing soda range is made using only five ingredients namely; carbonated water, just a touch of pure cane sugar, citric acid, sodium benzoate and divine natural flavourings. With only Mother Nature’s best flavours and no colourants, it’s the perfect drink if you’re looking for alternatives to big-brand fizzy drinks.

Rather than use sickly sweet artificial additives, the Pura team says they opt to use added sugar sparingly, to enhance the flavour rather than to be the flavour. The natural flavours used in the drinks are purified and extracted to their pure essence before being added to the mix. So you get nothing but refreshingly real flavour for the more discerning palate.

The sophisticated flavours include Cucumber & Lime, Seville Orange, Cranberry, Lemon & Elderflower and Pomegranate. My favourite from the range is the Pura Pomegranate. Zesty, sharp and beyond fresh, this delicious thirst-quencher is the perfect treat on a hot summer’s day. While I have my favourites the whole range is beyond delicious. Pura Soda is unlike any fizzy drink I have ever had before and the range blew me away with how refreshing it is. These sodas are light and oh-so-addictive — good thing they only pack 65 calories per 330ml can or I’d be in big trouble!

Pura Soda is indeed the evolution of the soft drink to something far more grown-up. Enjoy it on its own or garnish with fruits and vegetables to make the flavours truly pop. What’s more, Pura Soda is a perfect mixer for a number of spirits and pairs particularly well with gin, vodka, tequila and bourbon.

Pura Cranberry pairs beautifully with immune-boosting berries and garnished with a slice of kiwi fruit while Seville Orange is a winner with a served with a tablespoon of granadilla seeds and garnished with a wedge of orange. For a stand-out G&T pair your favourite gin with Pura Cucumber and Lime, add a splash of lime juice and garnish with a slice of cucumber.

PURA Soda is available from select retailers nationwide at around R11.95 for a 330ml can. For more information visit the Pura Beverage website.

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