We Try Out Jeep’s New Summer Slip-Slops

We take the study, stylish option and try out Jeep’s swanky new slip-slops.

One of the toughest decisions when Summer rolls around is which ice-cream you’re going to pick, but another tough conundrum is selecting a pair of slip-slops that will not only last the season, but provide quality and comfort too.

We tend to go for the full rubber slip-slops that so many guys do too, but we wanted to try something different and grabbed a pair of Jeep’s new Ghana canvas slip-slops, and let’s just say, the difference is immediately apparent.

With that trademark authentic and earthy Jeep feel, these slip-ons have that immediate aura of quality and strength, not too mention looking great too (they come in both black or brown). They are suitable for that lazy summer day around the house, hitting the beach, or hitting the town for a casual beer.

The soft feel of the soles are noticeable on the feet, providing some additional support and comfort for your feet. We test drove these Jeep badboys on a long walk around Camps Bay, and our little piggies couldn’t have been comfier. The soft canvas straps don’t rub or hurt your toes, and are firmly embedded in the sole to prevent the strap from popping out, as is the case with many cheaper rubber and plastic slops.

It’s hard not to recommend the Jeep Ghana slip-ons to a friend looking for a new pair of feet-huggers, as the Jeep Ghanas have made their way into the MenStuff summer favourites.

Jeep sandals Ghana

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