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The 5 Best Plus-Size Style Tips

Feeling comfortable in your clothes is a must for any man, and we’ve got some tips to help you out!




Many men don’t fit into the “ideal” body-type mold and could consider themselves a big-guy – which is something to be proud of. However, this can have the illusion of  having narrow shoulders, and wearing the right clothing can go a long way to making you look sharp and feel more confident with your build. Here are some plus-size fashion tips worth checking out to give any plus-size guy a style-boost:

Dress according to your body

Dress according to your body shape, not what you want to, and this is a rule everyone should take note of. Everybody knows that the dimensions of our bodies vary from the length of our arms to the size of our calves. For instance, if you have the shoulders of a hooker (the rugby kind, sir, steady on), your thighs might be the width of a shoulder. 

It is possible for your stomach to be larger than your neck, or vice versa – we are all different and it is all possible. You must be able to determine exactly what your body looks like if you wish to properly dress or more specifically flatter it. You should measure yourself and search for clothes of the appropriate size. Peter Millar has everything to offer you according to your body size and shape. 

Always try first

Always try on first, no matter what. It might be a false economy, but if what you buy online or grab from the sale rack on your lunch break is pretty difficult to get on, then it might not be the best use of your time. Consider taking just a few minutes to dress in a few different things and examine how they fit in the mirror. It’s always worth it.

Sizing & Tailoring

A modern way to outfit yourself is by buying off the rack (in fact, it only really took off during the 20th century). In general, though, it is not a particularly advisable move, unless you happen to be some manufacturer’s Vitruvian Man. It might not be possible to have all of your clothing custom-made, but a tailor can nip and tuck where necessary to give store-bought clothing a whole new look.

Patterns and prints have the power to transform

Patterns and prints like stripes, florals, and chevrons instantly draw the eye. Therefore, they need to be deployed wisely. For the parts of your body, you prefer to show off, choose patterns, prints, and even bright contrast colours. For example, stripes with wide horizontal segments will only accentuate an already large torso area – which is fine, but only if that’s what you’re going for.

Be aware of what to avoid

It applies to all, but especially to men who don’t have a model-like build. Determine your style before doing anything else. Fashion trends can be incorporated from time to time, but they must work with your body rather than against it. Cuban collars? They look great on anyone. What about bare-chested suits? Probably not.

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