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Crocs Takes on the Yeezy with the Echo — SA Price Revealed

Crocs steps into the future with a revamped clog, the Echo.




Crocs has had a serious resurgence as of late, and the company is now launching the latest evolution of its sportier moulded clog, known as The Echo.

The new footwear features a revamped look and a bit of an edgier aesthetic than what we’re used to from the brand. With the intersection of sport and lifestyle as the focus of this collection, the form features staggered ridges along the sole and around the edges of the shoe to create a unique exoskeletal look.

In addition to having padded nylon heel straps to keep your feet in (as opposed to the usual rubber arm), the Echo also features the company’s Croslite construction and a LiteRide drop-in footbed, providing some serious cushion when wearing the shoes. Staying true to Crocs’ mission of customisation, each pair features 14 Jibbitable holes for personalisation with Jibbitz charms.

Now, Crocs hasn’t said they’re trying to lure Yeezy fans over to the Croc-side, but there’s no doubt that the Echo features a lot of similar tubular design elements and more vertical vents like that of Adidas’ offerings.

Either way, we like them.

The Echo Clog will retail for R1,499.95, and is available both online and in-store.

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