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Euros, Olympics, & What to Look Forward to For The Rest of 2024

Here are the biggest sports encounters to keep an eye on throughout the rest of 2024.




Lionel Messi goal WC Qualifier

While it’s rare to go through July to August without any sporting action, 2024 is offering a feast of sporting action for us to sink our teeth into. Not only do we have a string of top football competitions, like the Euros and the Copa America, but there’s a host of exciting general action — ranging from the Olympics, Paralympics, Wimbledon, and if you want to count Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk in May, the first undisputed world heavyweight title fight for 25 years.

Today, we’re going to break down some of the facts about each and explain why millions of people have had this two-to-three-month period marked down in their sporting calendar for a few years.

A Big Few Months For The Betting Companies

While it’s technically only been three years since the last Euros, due to the delay of every tournament in 2020, it’s probably fair to say that those tournaments that took place in 2021 did not have the same feel and atmosphere as those that preceded.

Sure, Euro 2021 brought in huge numbers of football fans, and it was the closest that England had got to winning a tournament in over 50 years, but there was still a strange air about it, given that it was a Euro tournament taking place in an odd-numbered year.

Online betting companies have been advertising for the Euros for months now, eyeing up all types of promotions and special markets for sports fans in Europe and beyond. With an estimated TV audience expected to be in the hundreds of millions, football fans all over the globe will be tuning in to watch the action and place a bet. Sportsbetting markets are often driven by viewing figures and social media impressions. With the Euros, Copa America, and the Olympics all set to bring in the biggest sporting audiences of the year, it looks like there will be a big few months ahead for online betting platforms.

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Continental Football Tournaments

The Euros and the Copa America competitions might not have the global reach and glamour of the World Cup final, which brought in seven times the TV viewing figures that the Super Bowl did.

However, it could be the final time we see Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo playing for their respective nations, so there is going to be added interest from those hoping for one last dance from the two greatest footballers of their generation. Aside from that, these two tournaments are the highest level of the international game aside from the World Cup — it’s still going to be a great couple of months of football, even without these added incentives for people to watch.

Olympic Games

The Olympics is the pinnacle of athletics, and it creates legends and superheroes overnight. In terms of a broad competition and what will attract the biggest sporting headlines, the Olympics will certainly give the Euros and Copa America a run for their money.

Paris will be this year’s host, and they’ll be keen to put on the same sort of spectacle that we saw in London 2012 and Rio 2016. Although Tokyo would have been able to put on a similar show of sporting theatre, extenuating circumstances dampened what would’ve been a significant moment in Japanese sport.

Other Competitions to Keep an Eye On

Aside from the main competitions we’ve touched on today, there are also plenty of other big tournaments for you sport lovers out there, such as

  • The NBA Play-Off Finals
  • International Rugby — Ireland Tour to South Africa
  • Wimbledon & US Open — Tennis Grand Slams
  • Open Championship Golf
  • Tour De France
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While the adverts on social media might have you thinking there’s only football and the Olympics over the next few months, as you can see above, there’s plenty more to sink your teeth into over the next two months.

Final Thoughts

The blockbuster heavyweight showdown between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury set the bar high for this highly-anticipated season of sport that is now well underway. England has been hoping to lift their first international trophy since the 1960s, and superstar Kylian Mbappe is keen to showcase his ability on the international stage once again, following the news of his big-money move to Spanish giant Real Madrid.

The Olympics is the big one for many sports fans though, purely because of the incredible selection of sports and the consistent, elite level exhibited by those top-tier athletes that make the grade and represent their nation at the highest stage. There’ll be drama, twists and turns, and all the emotions that will prove to us why we love sport so much, and how the power of it can bring people together from all over the world.

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